About MJ Editing


Melissa-Jane Fogarty

Melissa-Jane Fogarty’s passion for perfecting the written word began when she realised that it’s okay for people to use the wrong they’re/there/their because she could help them fix it.

In 2009, Melissa graduated from the University of Newcastle with a Bachelor of Social Science and after a short break, in 2011, she undertook a Master of Publishing at the University of Sydney, graduating in 2013.

Melissa is an associate member of The Society of Editors (NSW) Inc. and currently working towards becoming an accredited member.

Melissa worked as an intern for Spineless Wonders as a part of her Master of Publishing degree and she volunteered for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation at the Book Expo NSW in 2014.

Since starting up MJ Editing in 2013, Melissa has worked with numerous writers and authors in editing and proofreading to assist them in perfecting their work.

Melissa is currently looking for fictional works in the following genres:

– Young Adult (YA)
– New Adult (NA)
– Middle Grade (MG)
– Sci-fi
– Fantasy
– Romance
– Contemporary

And non-fiction works in the following:

– Memoir
– Biography/Autobiography

In addition, Melissa also works with writers to improve their blog posts, articles and web copy.