The Next Harry Potter!

BOOK REVIEW: Half Bad by Sally Green

Half BadHalf Bad by Sally Green has been dubbed not only as ‘the next Harry Potter‘ but has also been predicted to, ‘do for witches what Twilight did for vampires’ as said in a Guardian article written in November of last year, months before the official release of the book. Even more extraordinary, the movie rights were also snapped up well before the actual release of the book and snapped up it was by none other than Fox 2000 with the producer being Karen Rosenfelt, who also produced Twilight and The Book Thief, according to Publishers Weekly.

So how good is the story really? Well, I wasn’t sure if I was going to love it or hate it, I didn’t quite know what to expect and I’m not one to be sucked into all the hype. But, Half Bad is really not bad at all (yes that was a terrible attempt at a joke), it is actually quite a refreshing read for the young adult genre that I find to be so saturated with a lot of ‘ok’ stories lately. Half Bad is edgy and much darker than Harry Potter, and don’t get me wrong, I love, love, love Harry and I’m not saying that Half Bad is better, rather that I don’t actually see the need for the comparison. Half Bad stands on its own. Not once while reading it, did I think of Harry Potter. I enjoyed it for what it is; a story about witches, either white or black (good or bad) and the real underlying issue of: is good versus evil really so black and white?

Nathan, the main character, who is a half black/half white witch, struggles through every day of his life because of who his parents are. He is treated unfairly even by some that he has been brought up with for reasons that are beyond his control.

Sally Green: image from

Sally Green: image from

Yet the part that I really look forward to further in the series is Nathan’s struggle to find himself, something that all teens go through (witch or human alike).

I think most importantly I felt that the story wasn’t written to please the readers. Horrible stuff happened to Nathan, stuff that I didn’t want to happen, but it was all necessary for the story and for that I thank Sally Green. She didn’t seem to waver from the genuineness of the story just because an alternative might be nicer for the readers. I say that now, but I suppose I will have to wait until I get to read the next two instalments before I can really make that judgement on the series as a whole, but for now, I am feeling very impressed by Sally Green and her world of witches. I highly recommend it.

Sally Green only discovered her love of writing in 2010 but since then hasn’t been able to stop. You can follow the journey of Half Bad and Sally herself on the Half Bad World website where Sally regularly posts updates.