Editing Services

Editing Services

I will generally complete work on a single chapter free of charge before quoting on the rest of the work. This will ensure that we are both happy to continue working together on your manuscript. NOTE: If you choose to continue working with me, the first chapter will be included in the final word count for the quote.

All work will be completed using ‘Track Changes’ in Microsoft Word.

To ensure your privacy and that of your creative work, MJ Editing upon the undertaking of agreed editing work, will complete a confidentiality agreement. 


Proofreading is generally the final check of a manuscript. It concentrates on grammar, punctuation and spelling as well as formatting and layout. It does not include any suggestions or comments in regards to the improvement of your story.

Copy Editing

Copy editing involves an overall check that picks up on grammar, punctuation and spelling errors. Comments and suggestions will be provided for areas that show discrepancies and insufficient flow within the piece of work as well as general advice that may improve sentences, paragraphs or specific sections of writing.

Structural Editing

Structural editing involves an initial read over of the manuscript, followed by a report that usually addresses each chapter and any problems or suggestions of rewriting in regards to plot, structure and character development.

Please use the contact form with a description of the work to obtain a quote.

Please note: MJ Editing complies with the Australian standards for editing practice devised by the Institute of Professional Editors Limited (IPEd).