When You Find Me by Melissa-Jane Pouliot

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When You Find Me is the second installment in Melissa-Jane Pouliot’s ‘Rhiannon McVee Mystery Series’, and I was lucky enough to have an early read of it. I’ve talked previously about Pouliot’s earlier books as well as her passion for missing people, and my respect for her as an author only grows more with every new book I read.

Pouliot’s voice has become stronger and more refined with each book and the characters grow and develop naturally as if they could actually be real people in the real world, which is something that I have always marvelled at with Pouliot’s writing.

When You Find Me follows on from Find Me with a return of not only main character Rhiannon and her family, friends and colleagues, but also a continuation of the stories of missing people, Keely and Toby, as well as some new cases encountered by Rhiannon along the way.

In amongst the stories of the missing people and Rhiannon’s detective work in Kings Cross, When You Find Me sees much-loved couple, Rhiannon and Mac, experiencing some ups and downs. Anyone who has experienced a long distance relationship would know that ups and downs are a regular occurrence for most, and Rhiannon and Mac, although seemingly the perfect couple, are not exempt. Navigating the politics and corruption of the police force as well as the lives of those that end up missing, are all interwoven in Rhiannon’s story of love, loss, missing people and new beginnings. Once again I am left wanting more and I eagerly await the next chapter in the life of Rhiannon McVee.

Check out my review of Pouliot’s first book Write About Me and her second book Find Mewhich you need to read first if you really want to grasp the characters and context within When You Find Me. 

Check out Melissa-Jane Pouliot’s website if you want more information on her books, her story and her passion for missing people.