Copywriting for small businesses

Copywriting for small businesses

It’s not just authors and journalists that need to be able to write well to connect with their audience. Businesses and individuals offering services to the general public need to ensure that they come across as professional. Sometimes the difficult part is in ensuring that the written descriptions about you and your business are polished to perfection and easily readable. The writing services provided by MJ Editing help you to do just that.

Are you a business or individual that connects with clients through a website? Or perhaps a blog, brochure or marketing campaign that requires written content about your business?

Do you provide a specialist service but find it difficult to articulate in words exactly what you do? When writing content to reach your clientele you need to provide succinct descriptions that capture your audience quickly.

If words are not exactly your forte then you have come to the right place.

MJ Editing provides professional writing services for businesses or individuals needing content writing for their website, brochure, newsletter, marketing campaigns and more.

MJ Editing works with you to ensure consistency and character throughout your content that stays true to your brand. You provide an overview of your (or your business’s) background, what needs to be included in your content and the message that you want to get across and MJ Editing will complete a draft. The draft can be tweaked and changed until you are 100% happy with the work provided!

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