Writing a book is a bit like toilet training a toddler. The aim is to get the poos and wees into the toilet where they can be flushed and we can all stay nice and clean.

In reality, accidents happen and we end up with urine-soaked shoes and socks and poop-filled undies before something clicks and everything comes together in the toilet bowl, exactly where it’s meant to be.

As an editor, I’m a bit like a parent – gently encouraging and coaxing out the right words until your story ends up exactly how it’s meant to be. I don’t chop and change things (and drop them straight into the toilet) willy-nilly. I work with you to ensure your voice sings in tune and your book’s strengths are lifted up before it goes out into the world.

Perfect if:

  • you’re an author intending to self publish.
  • you’re an author intending to publish traditionally.
  • you’re a copywriter in need of a final check and polish of your work.

What stage should you be at?

  • You’ve completed your own extensive revisions on your manuscript.
  • You’ve already had at least a couple of pairs of eyes look over your work to give general feedback.
  • You’ve sent out your manuscript for beta reading and enacted necessary changes.
  • You’ve had a structural or developmental edit completed and made necessary changes based on suggestions.
  • Your copy is complete but needs a grammar, spelling and punctuation check, plus could use some suggestions to improve flow, consistency and readability.

You don’t need to tick all of the above but at the very least the first should be completed so you get the most out of the copyediting experience.

What does copyediting involve?

My style of copyediting is a cross between a copyedit and a line edit, which are sometimes used interchangeably.

A copyedit will include:

  • an initial sample of approx. 10 pages of your manuscript to determine the level of work required.
  • spelling, grammar and punctuation corrections.
  • comments and suggestions aimed at improving sentence structure, tone, readability and consistency.
  • the inclusion of a style sheet that is invaluable throughout the rest of the editing process so that all those working on your manuscript can ensure they’re all following the same style and conventions.