I know what you’re thinking: even Superwoman couldn’t edit a whole book in one day! And you’re right. I don’t think Superwoman has any experience editing books.

But also, no, I won’t be able to edit your whole book in a day.

What I can do is edit as much of your book as possible within 6 hours and you can use those edits to learn and enact changes throughout the rest of your book, which is sometimes all that’s needed.

Perfect if:

  • you’re an author intending to self publish.
  • you’re an author intending to publish traditionally.
  • you have a small budget.
  • your manuscript doesn’t need extensive improvements.
  • you’re a fast learner who can enact changes to the rest of your manuscript once shown the ropes.

What stage should you be at?

  • You’ve completed your own extensive revisions on your manuscript.
  • You’ve already had at least a couple of pairs of eyes look over your work to give general feedback.
  • You’ve sent out your manuscript for beta reading and enacted necessary changes.
  • You’ve had a structural or developmental edit completed and made necessary changes based on suggestions.

You don’t need to tick all of the above but at the very least the first should be completed so you get the most out of the copyediting experience.

What does edit in a day involve?

  • As there are many authors struggling financially who cannot afford full editing services, you can access this new service that will have me copyediting  your work for 6 full hours.
  • From those 6 hours of work you should be able to see where I’ve made changes and then implement them throughout the rest of your manuscript.
  • I can copyedit anywhere from 10–20 pages within an hour, so it’s in your best interest to send your manuscript as clean as you can get it before it comes to me.